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How Past Life Regression Work has Changed Me.

Sometimes when I client comes in I do wonder how the session will go and how we will connect, not often but sometimes. But then we start. Slowly, as we delve into their greatest fears, biggest joys, hopes, dreams and challenges we start to build a cocoon of love and compassion around us, a soft healing bubble of energy around us, as we gently delve into the crevices of their soul. The past life that is shown to them is always a surprise. Its like a surprise movie selection and at first you have no idea what's going on. Its like watching someone else's dream. Its truly magical. I try not to touch, or alter, anything, just observe, and gently guide them forward. Finally we connect to their higher self. This wise and all loving part of them radiates such love and understanding, and conversing with this part of them for an hour or more, asking their questions for them, and digging in deeper for them is when you see who they really are: a truly wise and loving being who mapped this all out for their benefit. In this process the meaning and purpose of why that particular past life was shown to them is revealed and I cannot but marvel at the magic and poetry of it all. How intelligent and beautiful it all is.

And then finally, the two of us emerge from this sacred bubble and I am deeply honored and humbled by the experience, grateful for the time spent in the company of such love and wisdom, with the highest part of a person who is on an amazing journey. I cannot but have awe and appreciation for what they have agreed to take on in this lifetime and how well they are coping and rising to the challenge.

I do for a time after a session understand how we are really all ONE.

When we take into account all of our own past lives in which the goal is to experience everything, all life experiences, being famous, infamous, rich, poor, black, white, empowered, disempowered, victim, perpetrator etc. so that we can develop COMPASSION and love, for all things, you can see that by helping someone heal this current lifetime of theirs, I feel like I am healing a part of myself I'm not even aware of, from an experience I don't currently recall. Just know that what you judge you will become in the next incarnation. Think about that for a moment. It's not for "punishment" as so many people believe. Karma is not punishment. We experience what we judge, out of love, because we want to learn to develop love and compassion for all life conditions. We choose it so we can learn to love fully, so that we can return home to love. We are all on this journey home to LOVE, to God, the creator if you like. The path is through Christ consciousness, or through selfless love. We are journeying back to state of complete love and gratitude. So for me, in a very practical sense, talking to people through these past life regressions, and connecting with people in this loving healing space we create together, feels like a coming home. If more people could experience this for themselves, there would be more love and compassion in the world. When you really get to know someone, you can't help but love them and be honored to have taken this sacred healing journey with them.

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