Certified Hypnotherapist,
Rapid Transformational Therapist,
Holy Fire-Karuna Reiki Master,
Miracle-Minded Life Coach.

 Release the limiting subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back, and embrace positive energies of love, gratitude, and peace. 

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 RTT  Hypnotherapy is right for you.

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The Integrated Approach:


Hypnotherapy is simply a way to relax physically and mentally, which allows you to access your own inner knowledge. Consider me your guide through the  realms of your own inner knowing, guiding you with award-winning RTT hypnotherapy tools and techniques to locate the root cause,  break up issues and resolve the past. This allows you to understand the workings of your own mind and step into the future you choose.  Self knowledge is power. RTT without hypnosis is just as effective if you choose that route. Think of it as a guided meditation.

You also leave this session with a short custom NLP audio for reframing your thoughts. You should listen to this for at least 21 days in order the create these new permanent neural networks. No-one said it would be magic. This is science at work and it takes repetition to build those neural networks. 


Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses intention and mindfulness as well as touch.  Reiki can be accessed directly through meditation journeys and transmitted remotely. It brings about a sense of balance and calm. I use to to create a healing space. Nothing is required of you for this. 

We set an intention for the session together and by listening to your short NLP audio daily you are reaffirming that intention daily for the next three weeks. This is powerful on many levels, the physical/neural pathways, the emotional healing, and the spiritual. 


All hypnotherapy or RTT sessions are followed up with a phone or Zoom based coaching session a week later.  This session is to talk through your experience and bring up practical steps that can be taken in daily life to build on the breakthroughs of the session. Often clients are not chatty after hypnosis or RTT and need time to assimilate the information before breaking it down and making practical steps forward. A week is perfect for this. This phone session is to integrate the sub-conscious with the conscious by making practical changes in your daily life, or just chatting through the experience. 

Leanne Hamilton, cHyp

I believe in Love and that Love heals all. I believe Love is an energy, a thought, and, a feeling. To really harness its power we need to feel it and connect with the energy of it and not just throw the word around.  I believe Like attracts Like and that the energy, and thoughts, you put out is what you attract to you.